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Harvest Mastery: Gemlight Sugarcane Machete

Crafted for Style and Functionality –

Elevate your cutting experience with Gemlight’s sleek and stylish machetes, a blend of modern design and practicality, ideal for any cutting task.

Effortless Precision –

Navigate through tasks with ease using Gemlight machetes’ intuitive handling and precise cutting edge, ensuring a seamless and efficient cutting experience.

Stay Sharp and Efficient –

From precise cutting to durability, Gemlight machetes keep you sharp and productive, enhancing your daily cutting tasks with ease and reliability.

Product Description

Here’s a product description for the  Sugarcane Machete:

Introducing the Sugarcane Machete –

a cutting-edge tool designed to elevate your cutting experience. Crafted from high-quality 50Mn steel, known for its exceptional hardness and outstanding elasticity, the  ensures durability and precision in every cut. The silver surface of the blade adds a touch of sophistication to its design.

Choose from various handle materials including wood, plastic, or injection-molded handles, tailored to suit your preferences. With the option of 3 rivets or rivet-free construction, the  offers versatility and customization.

Measuring 1.6+/-0.1mm in thickness, the machete provides a sturdy yet agile cutting experience, while boasting a hardness of HRC45-55 for optimal performance. Each machete is meticulously packaged in a PVC bag, with 48 pieces per carton, ensuring safe and secure transportation.

With a shelf life of 12 months or more, thanks to our proprietary rust-resistant technology, the  is guaranteed to maintain its shine and durability. Optional packaging choices such as inner boxes, canvas covers, or nylon sleeves are available upon request.

Trust Gemlight to deliver machetes tailored to your specifications. Contact us today for custom mold opening and label production to meet your unique requirements.

Parameter Description
Material 50Mn steel: Known for high hardness and outstanding elasticity
Blade Color Silver surface
Handle Material Wood, plastic, or injection-molded handle
Rivets 3 rivets or rivet-free
Thickness 1.6+/-0.1mm, customizable thickness (contact us)
Hardness HRC45-55
Packaging Each finished product in a PVC plastic bag, 48 or 60 pieces per carton. Outer carton made of five-layer corrugated paperboard, meeting export requirements for robustness and crush resistance. Inner box, canvas cover, and nylon cover packaging available upon request.
Shelf Life 12 months or more with sealed oil film. Rust-resistant technology developed in-house ensures long-lasting brightness. Also available: clear lacquer without bowl, lead, or toxic substances upon customer request.
Customization Mold opening and corresponding label production available according to customer requirements.

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